WEW whata week!

i spent the last 10 days with patche and during that time frame we were never more than like 20 ft apart save for once or twice. i barely even remember what happened. one night we drank brewskis while cuddling and watching strawberry panic then i started reading va11 hall-a, a vn they really like, while they held me in bed that night and spent most of the following nights also reading it with them

also they spent thanksgiving at my house we made home fries again but it was a little stressful because we tripled the numbers and had trouble fitting it all in my cookware, and we were unfamiliar with the cook times using my cookware instead of their cookware but while it didnt come out as immaculate as usual they were still very very yummy

today was my last normal slide quiz in my animal taxonomy class. wednesday i have my last midterm, then next week is the final slide quiz which will include fellas from the last five groups and also the final final exam which im very excited for.

finals for my stats class are coming up soon too which i am also excited for but not because im ready to nail the exam i’m just so sick of that class and how condescending my stats prof is i would like to kill him

anyways back to todays class we did the quiz during lecture which is abnormal but done for schedule reasons then spent the rest of lecture reviewing for the exam and then during the lab section we played with the zoos harris hawk (Parabuteo unicinctus). some of the new trainers were doing excersices with her and she kept gliding like two feet above my head and blowing my paper everywhere then we lined up to take pictures