i am only getting worse and worse at regularly keeping journals! a lot has happened, i can’t really write a proper journal entry for any of the last month. i switched to injections (viva brasil!), patche and i made rebeccas lancefields eggnog recipe a few weeks ago and have been aging it for us to drink tomorrow night, i’m looking forward to giving patche their christmas present and receiving mine.

my college semester recently ended, and i did fine on both of my exams. stats was whatever. im disappointed in my performance on my taxonomy exam even though i still got on A. i don’t want to talk about it

also earlier in the month i went to an amphibians workshop in norcal which was a lot of fun. we found many ensatinas. we flipped a rock and there was a whole party of them under there! also, interesting thing, if your hands are painfully cold for long enough you’ll eventually stop feeling anything and your hands will start feeling warm except your tendons will work at noticibly lower performance.