christmas was awesome but exhausting. on the 24th patche and i cooked a brunch from seven people which was a lot of fun, like the final exam of all of our breakfast making endeavours, and it turned out excellent with next to no stress. everything we cooked we already had down to a science, only we had to do it in larger portions, so with careful organizational planning we pulled it off wonderfully. then we opened presents with their family which took a nightmarishly long time, i'm very not used to the idea of everyone taking turns.

after that we went back to my place where we cooked yet more food for dinner with my own parents. we made our home fries which turned out perfectly and totally redeems the subpar job we did on the same dish for thanksgiving dinner, then got tipsy on the eggnog we made earlier in the month following rebecca lancefields recipe.

come christmas morning, i got to give patche the va11hall-a ost vinyl box set i got for them and they gave me the empress bass compressor pedal which is nice. my little sister got me miku blankets and miku socks which are now my favourite things ever. my little sister also got patche a coffee mug with illustrations of catgirl luka, miku, and rin which are ADORABLE and the drawing of luka is simply ILLICIT.

yesterday i started composing the bom and a tayda cart for all of the parts for the pedalpcb walrus julia clone and am working with patche to make art for the pedal to have printed on it. i'm very very excited to build it especially cuz its like a $200 and i shouldn't have to spend more than $50 on it diy. we are also planning on making our own pedalboards soon out of wood, patche has plenty of woodworking experience so we should be able to make them pretty neat!

chocomint bass was supposed to arrive before christmas but sweetwater was delayed because of the storm. i rest easy knowing she will be in my life Soon.